LVX Service

America’s New Utility

LVX doesn’t sell LED lights or fixtures, but the light they generate. Think of us as a traditional utility-like service provider similar to the Bell System. Once you request service, LVX will install our lighting system at no cost to your organization. You will move from electrical kWhs to a new billable unit of light, Data-Lumen hours (DLh). You now pay for light, nothing else, and it will immediately reduce your energy costs. Since LVX owns the lighting apparatus infrastructure, we’re responsible for its repair, maintenance and all upgrades. You will always be ready for the future with advances in LVX technology and service features.

Consider Lighting Quality

The “hum” of a neon sign or a noisy fluorescent fixture can be an obvious source of irritation, especially over prolonged periods of time. What many people don’t realize is that our physiological well-being can also be affected by the light from fluorescents. Our eyes perceive the 60-times-per-second alternations of current that fluorescents display, often causing headaches and eye strain. At more than 3 million cycles-per-second, too fast for our eyes to pick up, VLC LED lighting from LVX fixtures are not only generally conducive to a more healthful and pleasant environment for employees; the lights themselves can also be adjusted to the unique preferences of each user in your office or facility. Any and all light fixtures can be individually controlled for intensity, brightness, and color. LVX’s VLC lighting is of better quality that promotes the well-being and productivity of the people it serves.